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Asus Laptops & Notebooks ideal for students

Got a review on any of these Asus laptops or other model of Asus notebooks you are using? We'd be happy to post them here.

* A6Rp * A7C * A7S * A7T * A8Jm * A8Jr * A8Js * A8M * A8Sc * A9Rp * F3E * F3F- * F3Jc- * F3Jp * F3Sc * F3Sv * F3T * F5R * F9J * G1 * G1S * G2P * G2S * LAMBORGHINI VX1- * LAMBORGHINI VX2 * R1F- * R2H * R2Hv * S6F * S6Fm * U1F * V1Jp * V2Je * W2Jb * W2Pb * W3J- * W5Fe * W7J- * W7S

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