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Remember when computers used to be so large that they would fill an entire building?

Now laptop and notebook computers that weigh between one and three kilograms have become the greatest thing to ever come along in the computing industry. This has offered one of the biggest advantages to students who can now easily carry around their personal portable computing tool in the form of a student laptop or notebook computer.

Not sure what's the best laptop. Don't worry. Choose from our large selection including wireless laptops and others from Acer, Apple, Compaq, Dell, HP, and many more notebook sellers.

Quick Guide Table:



Light and Thin


Replacement for Desktop


4 lbs. or less

4-6 lbs

6-8 lbs

More than 7 lbs


Less than .5 inch

Less than 1 inch

More than an inch

More than an inch

Display Size:


12 to 14.1-inch



Among the best-known makers of laptop computers are IBM, Apple, Compaq, Dell, and Toshiba.

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